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ID Card

Active Project


Project Description

CCSN would like to provide the opportunity for more people to reflect on their volunteer identity. 

CCSN recognizes that volunteering is a great opportunity to pass on skills that others have built into you.  In addition, it is a good space to learn, grow and develop as you can give to others while others are giving to you.  Below are some of the Mentor-Mentee relationships that are being established with CCSN.

CCSN in collaboration with 2 local graphic designers have developed an event focusing on volunteer identity.  First, we will create individual vision boards that reflect on past and present volunteer opportunities, skills, interests, passions and hopes for our own and the communities future.   Then the graphic designers will help us brand our volunteer identity by creating a volunteer identity card (VId Card).  The back of the VId Card, will include text information that outlines volunteer experiences including organizations volunteered, accreditations and accomplishments, skills desired and skills possessed.  The front of the card will be an image or images that communicate the participants volunteer identity   

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