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There are a couple of ways that you can contribute to Mind Central including contributing content and volunteering.  Below are some of the features where we are looking for content contributions and a submission tool.  Please note, if you think you can offer something that is not listed below, please don't hesitate to share.  All contributions are appreciated and will be considered, but there is no guarantee they will be used in the mobile app.  In addition, the volunteer opportunities also includes a link to sign up! 

Thank you Mind Central Community!   

We would like to offer 5 or more original funny libs stories.  The sample currently being used was made by ChatGPT.  Stories should be no longer than 125 words, with 12 blanks (including part of speech) and consistent with Mind Central goals 

Funny Libs

We are looking for phone call recording submissions that can be added to the Phone Call Feature.  It can either be a vm or the first part of the call saved as a mp4 file.  

Phone Call

Writing prompts are good starting points to inspire writing and reflection.  We would like to offer as many writing prompt options as possible.  Third-party work is acceptable, as long as it is properly credited. 

Writing Prompts

We are look for lots of interesting words for this classic game.  Please submit your word, provide a hint and (optional) something interesting about the word, its definition, use, counterparts, use in another language...  

Snowman Race

Use this form to contribute content.  Please email files to

Thanks for submitting!

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