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Sympathy Card Project

After completing the photography workshop, we decided that making greeting cards would be a good way to put the lessons into practice.  Some workshop participants along with other photographers and a local writer collaborated to make sympathy cards with covid themes.  We donated some of the cards to Habitat for Humanity.  We still have some, if you think you could utilize please contact us at

D&D Project

We helped the D&D club at New Paltz Youth Center make tokens using a 3D printer.  The youth sketched their designs, then scanned them into a computer program and we printed their tokens.

Yoder Farm Maple Syrup Project

We worked with a local farmer who produces maple syrup on their farm.  Boiling was the only method the farmer was using to get rid of the excess water.  In collaboration with the farmer, we discerned that an RO Filter would significantly reduce the need to boil.  CCSN provided a small grant to assist with a portion of the costs for the RO Filter and also helped to install the filter.

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