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Image by Bertrand Bouchez

Service Drone

Prospective Project


Project Description

The U.S. military operates more than 11,000 drones.  The phrase “beat swords into plowshares” when initially used referred to swords that were used as a tool for war being repurposed into ploughshares, a tool for human development.   The phrase was changed to “beat guns into plowshares”, but in our time, we are hoping that a time of peace will come soon when we will ask “What are we going to turn these drones into?” 

 The service drone project seeks to answer the question “What are we going to turn these drones into?”  It will brainstorm, do research, ask the community, the question of what possible needs can be addressed with a drone.  We will try and understand all the rules behind flying a drone, including licenses and accreditations required, as well as all safety considerations.  The end hope is to build a service drone for CCSN that will be available to serve the Hudson Valley community.   

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