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Stone Road

Transportation for Refugees & Immigrants

Developmental Project


Project Description


CCSN has learned of transportation needs for refugees through New Paltz for Refugees although some others have expressed the same need for newly arrived immigrants.

CCSN is assembling a group that will do research on the transportation needs that exist for refugees, immigrants and anyone else that might not have ready access to personal or public transportation.  Some of the questions they are working to address:

  1. What exactly are the transportation needs, if any?

  2. What other people groups also have the same or similar needs?

  3. What are different components and facets of the problem that need to be considered and/or explored?

  4. What are some of the potential resources available to work towards the solution?

At this stage of the project, we are looking for the following type of volunteers:

  1. Creative problem solvers

  2. Willing to contact third parties to explore and do research

  3. Willing to do online research

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