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Amber Molchon, a graphic designer, created and developed designs for a mental health mobile app called Mind Central for her senior project.  However, she did not have the tech resources to implement building out the app. 

Mind Central is a design concept for a mental health mobile app that was created by Amber Molchon, a recent Graphic Design graduate of Suny New Paltz.  The concept includes various activities and features designed to help users to deal with stress and anxiety through creative expression, promoting mindfulness and developing healthy practices.  After evaluating the need, CCSN agreed to develop a project with the goal of getting the app published in the app store.  This also provided an opportunity for some of CCSN’s techy volunteers, who have programming experience, but limited experience with taking a mobile app from concept to being launched on the App Store. 

CCSN is building out the app on 2 platforms, on the web focusing on the mobile experience and using Swift to develop the app.  The web platform lets the Mind Central team work with a model before implementing on Swift.  It also allows guests to experience what the app will be like and provide us with feedback. 

User ID:

Password: Apptest1!

Mind Central Activities

1. Mood calendar - track mood using emojis, allows users to observe mood patterns

2. Breathing activity - to assist with breathing exercises

3. Journal – journal

4. Goals - to track general and creativity goals

5. Games – Mad libs – random words create a random story

6. Creative Writing – Pairing down to the Essence

7. Resources & contacts - potentially mental health resources, contact info for people in support network (i.e. friends, family, therapists, medical professionals)

Creative Writers to write Mad libs with an encouraging/affirmative twist

Resource Suggestions

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