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Beta Testing
The Mind Central Project

Welcome to The Mind Central Project!  If you are considering being a beta tester, providing content, or both, we at Creative Community Service Network ("CCSN") are grateful for any contributions that you would make! CCSN is genuinely seeking input and it is important you know that your feedback will be heard.

Mind Central is a design concept for a mental health mobile app that was created by Amber Molchon, a recent graphic design graduate of Suny New Paltz.  The concept includes various activities and features designed with the goal of helping users deal with stress and anxiety through creative expression, promoting mindfulness and developing healthy practices.  CCSN has a small team of computer programmers working with Amber to develop the mental health mobile app ("mobile app") for the App Store using the programming language Swift.  The mobile app is currently built out at around 75%.  Until it is published, the mobile app can only be experienced using an iOS Simulator like Xcode.  Below is a video of the mobile app in X Code that is being developed:     

Due to the viewing limits of the mobile app during production, CCSN has been developing a web prototype platform using Wix (“web prototype”).  The web prototype allows testers to experience the mobile app and allows CCSN to experiment with features in consideration of being added to the mobile app.

Your roll as a beta tester would be to Sign Up for the web prototype, use the app and provide feedback.  A link for signing up and some simple instructions are below.  We do not have parameters for how you can use the app, but the activities typically provide instructions.  We ask that beta testers provide feedback for as many features as you would like, and after getting use to Mind Central, complete the Mind Central Feedback Form which will take approximately 10 minutes. If you would like to be a Mind Central Web Prototype Beta Tester, then follow the instructions to Sign Up!

The first time you use the app, you will need to signup using an email address.  Once you have established your credentials,  you will need to select "Already a member? Log In" in order to log in with your email and password each time.  Please note there is also a link to the Log In at the top of the page. Finally, Beta Tester entries on the Web Prototype may be reviewed by CCSN.  Please keep that in mind as you are beta testing.  Finally, the web prototype is available on your computer, but we are asking Beta Testers use the web prototype on their phone.   

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