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Mentor/Mentee Volunteer Relationships

CCSN is working to facilitate mentor/mentee relationships in the context of volunteering. When someone signs up

to volunteer with CCSN, they can indicate what skill or skills they would like to learn/develop.

If CCSN has a volunteer that possesses that skill and is willing to work with the mentee, a mentor/mentee relationship is established. Mentors act as guides to their mentees primarily in the context of volunteer projects. They offer advice and support, as well as help them develop new skills. The goal is to help the mentee achieve personal goals and successfully complete volunteer projects. It is a great opportunity to learn and help others at the same time. 

Current CCSN Mentorships

Brian Olmstead, a seasoned baker and chef is mentoring Andrew Lai as they both serve on the cooking team

Image by Calum Lewis

Two participants that are part of the home repair support group are being mentored

by construction expert Brian Olmstead and seasoned home owner Carl Bender


Mentors available to work with a Mentee

Jay Holveck – Upholsterer, Vinyl Revival Upholstery


Tony Leonardo – Documentary Filming

2022-12-05 15_55_03-Window.png

Documentary Producer

Announcer for New York PoNY

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