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More Ultimate Frisbee in the
Hudson Valley

Completed Project


Project Description

What We did

Although Ultimate frisbee exists on a number of levels, including pickup, league and clubs, there are very few youth ultimate and recreational frisbee programs, clinics or an organizing unit in the Hudson Valley.


  • “30 years in the Hudson Valley and what do we have to show for it?” TL

  • “We need more of the Spirit of the Game of ultimate frisbee in the Hudson valley” WL  

To expand recreational and competitive frisbee in the Hudson Valley.  To determine what kind of overarching entity would serve this cause best and to create that entity if applicable.  To organize and empower anyone that is interested in playing a role in the effort to expand ultimate frisbee in the Hudson Valley.  

CCSN hosted a planning meeting, helped sponsor the first 'Skills and Thrills' Clinic and Scrimmage event and is helping coordinate local community ultimate frisbee games. 

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